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Anyone can join our DAO and help us in our mission to make multiplayer participative democracy work for good.

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Offer your expertise and see how you can help, this is a people's movement, and is fully open to participation. The MacLane Library DAO Discord Server is at your service.

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Help us build 13Votes by becoming a token holder. Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization provides full transparency into how our resources are spent, and you can vote on proposals to direct what we build next.

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We take pride in our values

If these do not interest you, we wish you the best elsewhere!
Hateful politics have no place in our efforts.

Inclined to innovate

We are software-driven, and look for novel ways to achieve objectives. Decentralization and automatization are highly valued.


We are focused on the United States of America, and believe the issues facing this country affect everyone in the world. We look to build with everyone.

Open to the unknown

We are explorers, not afraid to try new
things and experiment with alternative
methods that might be difficult to take.

Consideration for people

Respect, above all else. Considering people's feelings and needs is key to being a safe, positive and inclusive space.

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We get together in Wayports and th, a virtual world for collaboration.

San Francisco, CA

794 Mcallister St San Francisco, California(CA), 94102

New York, NY

653 Springfield Gardens, New York (NY), 11413

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